Free QR Code Generator

This year consumers are rooting for Quick Response codes and other two-dimensional codes. This means that the use of these codes is expected to increase by the end of the year. People want to access new and convenient technology and these codes attempt to provide just that.

Quick Response codes (QR Codes) are simply codes that retailers use to track their inventory and to also tag the products with the relevant prices at the cashier or counter. They can be compared to the bar codes only that they are capable of carrying more data.

The difference between these two is that while bar codes are capable of only holding a maximum of 20 numerical digits because they are one-dimensional codes, QR codes are much more capable of holding thousands of alphanumeric characters because they are two-dimensional matrix codes.

QR codes can be used to link iPhones, Android and other mobile devices to digital content on the web and enable functions such as email, SMS and IM and eventually make a connection to a web browser. It is possible to activate any of these functions using your own QR code. All it takes is imputing the appropriate data into a QR code generator in a few minutes as illustrated below.

Businessmen and consumers stand to benefit from these codes because they have the capability of linking people as well as connecting them to digital content.

The Origin of QR Codes

The QR codes may be fairly new in the United States, but they are originally from Japan actually, they have been used there used for more than 10 years. This code design is a trademark of Toyota’s subsidiary Denso Wave, and the company has made no move to monopolize the use of QR codes, instead opting to encourage its use throughout the region.

Other software companies have not been left behind in designing codes such as the MS tags from Microsoft. They are similar to the QR codes since they are also 2 dimensional and they have also been embraced by consumers. However, unlike the QR codes, MS tags are the sole property of Microsoft.

The choice to use either of codes is always personal but users who need to come up with innovative graphic designs and even design images or logos onto the tag, the best option would be the MS tags since they make room for many possibilities. However, users who have more interest in easily reaching out to more people, the open-source QR codes may be the best option.

How QR Codes Work

QR Code Generators- It is very easy to generate QR codes through the various free sites that the internet has to offer. One site that has proved to be efficient for me is Kaywa, which is a Datamatrix creation. With this site you can be able to create QR codes that can be linked to a web page, phone number or SMS. You can also use Kerem Erkan for greater capabilities such as coloring and formatting your codes to make them even more unique.

QR Code Readers- You can use i-nigma on your iPhone which is an application that is widely used to read QR codes, or you can try Barcode Scanner on Android. The Red Laser application has also been updated to accommodate the reading of QR codes.

The Future of QR Codes and Tags

Considering how well the social media is doing now and how QR codes bring people together through technology. No one can tell how far QR codes can take us.

It is likely that the next generation of bar codes, internet not needed to make a connection. This is because the content will be embedded within the code so that you only need to scan it.